Andrew Barreto is the best immigration lawyer in town. I was having anxiety on my case, but he gave me a lot of hope and confidence. With his in-depth knowledge, vast experience and genuine care to help people, he seems to have magic in resolving a difficult case. He will work hard for you. I salute you Andrew and more power to you. I am so grateful for your help. In addition, I commend and thank so much the staff (especially Lillian) for their support, they are very accommodating and friendly.

Truly a great experience from the beginning. Andrew was up front and honest with me and my wife regarding our case. This truly made us so much more comfortable knowing Andrew was representing us and knowing Andrew was working diligently by our side the entire time. The complete staff here is so helpful. Andrew really has made a drastic impact on our family with our results and we surely could not thank him and his team enough. We had many options closer to home being in Richmond Virginia, but with a reputation of this law office we didn’t mind putting our faith and trust in this team. If you are looking for a great partner and teammate to represent you, I highly recommend Andrew and his team.

Attorney Barreto is the best attorney in the area. He was an amazing support and help in my citizenship immigration appointment. Since the moment we entered the immigration office he was there to support me and made me feel confident. This was a very stressful appointment for me, but attorney Barreto was there to ensure that I felt comfortable and secure. If you are looking for an immigration attorney, he is your guy!

I have worked with David Goren, Andrew Barreto, and Serge, and I would say they are simply the best. They did great work for me. Also the staff are just amazing. Helena, Anna, and the rest of them all are just like family. I just want to say “I love you all.”

Andrew is one in a million with great personality and great sense of humor. Even when I was at the edge of giving up he encouraged me not to. He did his best to fight for me with love and care. He was the fourth lawyer I worked with for my immigration papers and the experience was beyond what I expected. Thank you very much. My children and I really appreciate what you have done.

Andrew Barreto, the best lawyer I could ever have. He is very knowledgeable, and truly represents the best interests of his clients. If Andrew takes your case, you can be confident that he’ll do everything and will win it. Besides being an outstanding professional, he also has a very nice personality, and it’s simply a pleasure to work with him.

Dear Mr. Goren: We would like to express our deepest appreciation for your commitment to our case. Even though our case took possibly twice as long as many others, you stuck by us. It is gratifying to find someone who honors an agreement with such a sense of honesty and fair play. You have restored our confidence in lawyers.